About us


Since NSE exists our company has accumulated a lot of experience in development and manufacturing of the power distribution units, powerboards and intelligent electronics solutions for the automotive industry, providing developments and products all over the world.

The range of products is extremely extensive: from simple assembly blocks to intelligent control systems.
NSE products are used in a variety of equipment:


  • buses,
  • construction machinery,
  • trucks,
  • tractors,
  • excavators,
  • fire engines,
  • municipal engineering,
  • etc.

In its development, the NSE relies on the latest technology, including the unique PressFit pressing technology, which meets the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

Our knowledge and experience obtained during the development of systems based on PressFit technology for power printed circuit boards guarantee the highest reliability of electrical connections even with a high current load.

The Local to Local strategy of NSE with the production and development sites in Russia and Germany makes it possible to support the customer directly and without detours.

In addition to access to unique technologies cooperation with NSE also provides an important advantage. NSE offers customers full service from development to serial production.

Customers can fully trust NSE experience and focus on solving other problems.


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