• Power Distribution

    Power Distribution

    PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution are used to provide switching of interconnected circuits of electrical equipment of vehicles. Inside they contain fuses, relays, harness connectors, and other components. Mounting blocks designed by NSE company are a reliable solution ready to be used in the most extreme conditions.

  • Automated System Unit (ASUs)

    Automated System Unit (ASUs)

    ASUs are programmable modules designed to control powerful electrical equipment. The processor enables to implement a huge range of intelligent functions (time relays, logical connections, etc.), and monitor the status of sensors (pressure, oil level, temperature, etc.), and much more.

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  • Fleet monitoring

    Fleet monitoring

    Want to know where your vehicles are at all times and keep up to date on their technical condition? Our fleet monitoring system will deliver all the required information in real time! Assess possible malfunctions and manage your fleet of vehicles efficiently.

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  • Software


    The software designed by NSE has a user-friendly and simple interface, a detailed manual with a description of all necessary functions, and full technical support related to the maintenance of programs.

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  • Customized solutions

    Customized solutions

    Customized solutions are products designed according to the provided Technical Assignment. Each product has a relevant support and can be upgraded at any production stage considering the agreed production and delivery terms.

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