We would like to purchase a PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution, an intelligent module, a relay, etc. for our equipment. What information do we need to provide?

Technical specifications for this equipment, operation algorithm, etc. The more detailed description is, the faster we can work out the order.

What is the cost of the products?

The equipment price will depend on many factors, such as the complexity of development, the necessity to purchase rare and expensive units, logistics, etc.

What is the lead-time for the development and release of a prototype?

The lead-time depends on the complexity of the Technical Assignment. The delivery time of a prototype is 8-12 working weeks.

Any warranty period?

The standard warranty period is 12 months, but other options are available if agreed.

Is there any service support?


Can we produce a copy of a foreign product?

In most cases we can. There could be difficulties with some components, for example, specialized connectors or one-to-one software development.

Is it possible to independently change the algorithm of the product?

A significant part of our products, mainly labeled as “ASU”, allows a customer to write a program by themselves or adjust it to their needs using the free ASU Configurator development environment.

Why do we need a PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution? We’re fine with everything as it is.

A PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution on a board with components installed in one place (relays, fuses, etc.) is an excellent replacement of a point-to-point wiring. This solution has a range of advantages (see PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution).

What type of the Press Fit technology is? What is its advantage over conventional soldering?

Press Fit is a unique technology for pressing power components. The connection obtained using Press Fit is capable of switching significant currents and has minimal sensitivity to shock and vibration loads. You can find more about the advantages of Press Fit over conventional soldering in the relevant section.

Where can I get the information about all the products offered by your company?

Most of the products are listed in our online catalog. It does not include mounting blocks, some software and unique products that are designed and produced individually for the customer.

Didn’t find the information you need?

Leave a request and our manager will advise you on all matters!