NSE company offers its customers all the necessary technical equipment and software for comfortable and productive performance of tasks whether it is programming a power module or compressing components into a board.

The system of technological process control ensures the quality of products while software controls all the functions and features of the system.

ASU Configurator

This is a software environment designed by NSE to simplify the programming process of power modules, relays, and panels built entirely on its own. ASU Configurator enables to set the algorithm of module operation using the graphical connection of blocks with no need of coding.

You can download this program for free from our catalog.

ASU Programmer + ASU Scanner

ASU Programmer is a device that allows you to connect a personal computer to the CAN bus and use the ASU Scanner software environment to run testing and configure power modules.

ASU Programmer + ASU Scanner
ASU Programmer + ASU Scanner

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