Customized solutions

Despite the fact that NSE company is mainly focused on the production and assembly of PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution as well as ASU manufacturing, our engineers are ready to design almost any electronic products used in agricultural and transport engineering, freight transport, construction and other special equipment.

Customized solutions

Stages of development


Discussion, approval of the Technical Assignment

Definition of the product concept. Coordination of the budget, materials and components, lead-time and other related details



By applying CAD systems, a detailed product model is created, and the construction and design of the product are worked out



A prototype of the device is manufactured according to the developed design documentation. It goes through all kinds of tests


Quality control

A series of products are being produced to identify deficiencies in the field. After troubleshooting, the product is prepared for production


Mass production

It is a production method where products are manufactured in specific groups or quantities within a specified time frame


Service and support

This stage is worked out while agreeing on the Technical Assignment with a customer. We will provide guidance and assistance in case of unforeseen malfunctions


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